Thursday, May 31, 2012

Soil Science Activities

 I'll admit it...I have not done the best job with teaching my soil unit this year.  Soil is our final science unit of the year, and it often gets pushed aside until after state testing.  Once testing is over, we have remediation and retests!  What I have been proud of is using Discovery Education's Science Techbook as a way to engage students in what many would consider to be a boring subject.  I also tried my hand at a few foldables that we glued into our science notebooks.  We did one on the layers of soil and a second one on the types of soil.  I'm very pleased with how they turned out!

Of course, my students' favorite part of our soil study was when we had this yummy treat to see (and taste) the layers of soil.  We used an Oreo at the bottom of a small cup to represent bedrock.  Next we crumbled up two Oreos to represent the weathered rocks that are present in subsoil.  Finally we added a large drop of chocolate pudding to be our dark, rich topsoil.   The students enjoyed eating their soil while we created our flipbook notes on the individual layers.   I have also heard of teachers making dirt cake with gummy worms as a way to show the components of soil.  Anytime food is involved,
students will pay attention!


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