Sunday, May 27, 2012

Summer Reading List

I have seen many blog posts with Bucket Lists-such a cute idea! There are definitely a few things that I hope to accomplish this summer: finishing a dress for Corinne, continuing to get to the gym, ride my bike more, and work on this blog design. The thing that I know that I will do the most of this summer will be reading! I recently downloaded a Kindle app to my phone, and I love the convenience of always having a book with me. On my phone, I am in the process of reading The Hunger Games, The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, and a book on canning (whether or not I do any canning depends on our garden). In actual books, I am reading a biography of Dave Grohl (love the Foo Fighters, and I saw Nirvana in concert back in 1994), and Moon Women.
I love to use Paperback Swap to trade out real books for free (just shipping costs at Media Mail rates). I have a huge library in my classroom, but I am in need of new books. The ones I have are falling apart! I've been considering writing a grant to obtain some iPads, but I think that I may try something smaller and get an updated library! My daughter's library is in no need of being updated-I am a sucker for buying books for her!
I'd like to think that I have the summer off from teaching, but I will be busy working on helping my rising kindergartener with her reading!


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