Sunday, June 10, 2012

And the Geek Goes On

Okay, confession is good for the soul, right? I am totally embarrassed. I jumped into this blog because I am loving all of what I have been finding on other blogs and because I want to become more familiar with such an influential aspect of technology. However, here I am two weeks into the blogging world, and I have:
1. Just one follower (love you, Summer!),
2. Left blank/deleted posts on several blogs (oops, I shouldn't hit post reply so quickly), and
3. Taken on the same blog design as a popular third grade blogger.

I really wanted a cute blog. I wanted a totally "Me" blog. On another blog, Third Grade Love, I saw a post about her new layout that she purchased from DreamLike Magic Designs. At that time, the blog design was cute and colorful with flowers (I think). A few days later, I went to DreamLike Magic and saw this awesome template. I LOVE plaid and often joke that it is my favorite color. I am not opposed to clashing plaids/tartans. I quickly purchased this design, knowing that other bloggers could also purchase the design. Then, just yesterday, I happened to stop by Third Grade Love on my computer (I normally check my blogs on my phone, which does not show the graphics). Imagine my embarrassment when I saw that WE HAVE THE SAME BLOG TEMPLATE!!!! I pray that she doesn't think that I copied her (although imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right?). Anyway, I still love this design. I have been telling myself that our blogs will have different things to share and that there is room for both of us in this blogosphere. Yet there is still a small part of me that remembers sitting in Ms. Benzin's ninth grade French class and being painfully aware of wearing a cheap knockoff of a rugby shirt that one of the "cool" kids was wearing.

I still love plaid, and I still love rugby shirts, and I wish I could ninth grade me to be more secure in myself.

Here's a prime example of someone embracing their inner dork:
My uber-creative sister made these Transit of Venus cookies for her husband's star party last night. As she said, her "L" was showing. I guess it runs in the family (love you, Cathy!). :-D


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