Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hooray for Summer!!!!

Yesterday was my last day with students, so my summer is officially here! However, I am celebrating summer for a different reason-I have my first blog follower, Summer! I know that I am getting page views, but I am so excited to have someone "formally" following me (I told you I was really a geek). Now there is no stopping me!

Have you heard of Projects by Jen? One of my colleagues introduced me to this site as I have been compiling a list of global projects for teachers. I saw her participate in a Christmas card exchange and asked her about it. I signed up and hope to do some of the data collection projects with my third graders next year. Over the summer, she is hosting a "What I Did This Summer" Voicethread project for teachers. I am going some pretty cool places this summer, so I can't wait to participate. I love the experience of online collaboration, and enjoy using it in my classroom. This is the future of learning and working!


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