Thursday, June 28, 2012

Show Parentheses Some Love!!!

My course this summer is on Teacher Leadership and School Improvement. I am part of a group that is reading How to Thrive as a Teacher Leader. The book has definitely been eye-opening as I have been thinking about the amount of responsibility that has been placed upon some of the teachers in my school (teachers who are grade level chairs have also read this book as part of their leadership training. I'm so proud that my district places a strong emphasis on having teachers help with some of the decision-making, especially when we are the ones most affected by the decisions! Then I got to the chapter discussing effective communication, and the section of "style" in written communications discouraged the use of parenthetical asides, as they often lessen the importance of the information presented. Really??? I love using parentheses! How else can I interject my witty musings? Does that mean that they aren't important? Now I am going to question myself every time that I want to use parentheses. I had a boyfriend in high school who once commented that I used a lot of exclamation points in my notes, and I replied that the exclamations would get an inferiority complex if I were to limit their use (there's that geek thing again). I refuse to stop using parentheses! They are important! Well, maybe I won't use them as much in professional communication, but they will still be prevalent in my blog (along with exclamation points)!

Another book that I will be reading for my leadership class (although I am only required to read one) is Learning By Heart. My good friend and classmate, Darcy Grimes (new TOY for North Carolina, woo-hoo!), said that this topic will be a focus of some of her speeches. Hopefully I will also get it finished by the end of the summer.


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