Monday, July 16, 2012

21st Century Weddings

My sister got married this weekend, woo-hoo! Her new husband is awesome, and we are all so happy for her! In all of the help with her wedding preparations (I was the matron of honor), I began to think about how much easier certain things were for her than when I got married 15 years ago (it really feels like yesterday). Here are some of the ways that technology makes weddings easier today.

1. Gift Registries: When Craig and I registered at Kaufman's and HomePlace, we thought it was so cool when we were given the scanning gun to use throughout the store. Today you don't even have to go to the store to create a registry. Don't even get me started on how easy it is to actually shop for a gift.

2. Google Maps/Navigational systems: Every wedding has out-of-town guests. I remember having to draw a map to show the locations of the church, reception, and local hotels. Today you can just assume that anyone with the address can find their way to any location.

3. Wedding websites: My sister had a wedding website set up on The Knot. It had information about all of the wedding events, including maps of all of the events. There was even a cute story about how they met and got engaged!

4. Google Docs: For family members that were more involved in the wedding festivities, we set up a Google Doc where everyone could add their information. We were able to add everyone's flight information, who was picking them up, where they were staying, etc. We have a big family, so this was a convenient way to keep up with everyone.

5. Skype: Unfortunately, one sister was unable to attend the wedding. With the help of the church, we were able to set up a camera and Skype the ceremony to her. Even the priest acknowledged Mary during the mass. It really was great to be able to have her there with us!

Pinterest was also a great help as we looked for wedding hair ideas, shower crafts, and wedding ceremony decorations Another thing that I tried to do was a Twitter feed for people to leave comments during the week leading up to the wedding. That didn't catch on as much, but I'm still amazed with how technology has changed so many things.


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