Monday, July 2, 2012

Another Sunday Accomplishment

Okay, this is not teaching related, but here is a picture of one thing that I accomplished on Sunday. One of my sisters is getting married next weekend, and my uber-crafty sister (same ones who made the Transit of Venus cookies) made this towel cake. Isn't it adorable? The wedding colors are champagne, brown, and pink, so we matched those with towels off the registry. The towels were wrapped up and initially held with large rubberbands. Then we used large pins (with the pearly heads) to keep the towels in place so that we could remove the rubberbands. Then we added stripes of ribbon, which were also held in place with the pins. Finally we added the roses and pearls. We also have some cake boards and loose pink rose petals to complete the gift. What do you think???

I am up to nine followers! Woo-hoo! Plus I am excited to have come across many new blogs and to have figured out how to do a linky (I know that I didn't do it completely right, but I think that it worked out okay). I really got sucked into the blogosphere today, which meant that I did not spend as much time on my School Improvement Project. I'll get back to that tomorrow (after I go to see Brave with my daughter).

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Kristin Kennedy said...

This is adorable! Thanks for sharing!

iTeach 1:1

Ms. D said...

Hi there! I am your newest follower! :) CONGRATS to your sister too!

Fun Games 4 Learning said...

At first I thought is was a real cake! (My laptop only has a small screen.) Still very cute though!

Thank you so much for my award! I am looking forward to sharing it with others!

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