Saturday, August 18, 2012

Finish This Sentence

Like many other busy bloggers, I have not had much free time to post lately.  I have no idea what everyone has been up's not like it's the beginning of the school year!  :-D

I honestly have not been doing much school work this week.  Since it was the last full week of summer break, I spent a lot of time taking my daughter swimming and having the playdates that we had put off (you know, when you were thinking, "But we have all summer!").  It was a fun week, but I am exhausted. 

Now I am busy finishing up all of my back-to-school projects (again, thinking, "But we have all summer!").   My house is a mess of projects, but I know that everything will get done by August 27.

I found the "You Know It's Back to School Time When..." linky party at Kindergarten Lifestyles and decided to join in.    You need to finish the following sentence:
The first thing that came to mind for me was this:
Am I the only one that has these?  My nervousness always shows up in my dreams before anything else!  Then I had this one:
I swear that I have made a million trips to Staples.  Now I am working on cutting out laminating and finishing up other projects.  Again, surely I am not alone!

I am looking forward to reading other posts!


Courtney said... are not alone..I had nightmares all before going back to school that dealt with the students and my classroom :P Good luck getting everything done and remember to enjoy the last bit of summer that you have while you still got it!!

Mary said...

I also had the dream where the students show up as I'm setting up the room, and I'm the only teacher there in the whole building! Then another student brings in a skunk! I also am so tired of stepping around bags and piles of school supplies and things that I made for school!

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Erin Franklin said...

My custodian and secretary teased me all summer about my room exploding- it was a major disaster for awhile! haha... I made to sure to save those receipts because I'm taking them off my taxes this year... I always have good intentions of doing that, but I usually lose them. This is the year! haha

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Ms. Pretzel said...

I haven't been to school yet, but my living room looks like Michael's all over. :) Cite blog. I am your newest follower.

Lori said...

I sometimes have dreams about my class too! I can relate to the school supply store items in your room! But that is the fun part! :)
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Let's Talk Speech and Language said...

You know it's back to school when you wake up in the middle of the night on a Saturday to check if your alarm has been set to wake you at 6am (not realizing you have 3 more weeks of summer vacation).

I'm your newest follower. Glad to have found you! :)

BaysideTeacher said...

You know its back to school waking up Sunday at 6am before school goes back thinking its Monday morning and feeling so relieved know that you weren't ready yet!


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