Monday, August 13, 2012

Sigh...So Tired...

I just spent some time going through posts on my Google Reader account, and it seems like everyone is feeling the same way as I am-TIRED!  The sad part is that the students are not even here yet!  I have not posted since last Tuesday, as I have been busy setting up my classroom and keeping my little one entertained.  I'm happy with how things are looking in my new room, but I have no pictures to post.  I also have no pictures of the "Where Are We?' sign that I made for outside of my classroom.  I feel like such a slacker, when the truth is that I have barely had a chance to sit down.

Here are a few things that make me happy:

1.  My new pink silicone keyboard cover for my laptop-$1.15 and no shipping!
2.  The huge back-to-school sale on Teachers Pay Teachers.  I found some AWESOME resources and paid next to nothing.
3.  Having a husband who never complains when he has to hang some of the same materials every time that I have to move classrooms-there will be a special place in heaven for the spouses of teachers (of course he has nothing to complain about since I stopped asking him to hang the number line that went around my classroom).

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Shana said...

You will get energized as soon as you see all those new little faces! But I can definitely relate to the tiredness...I'm right there too. Can't wait to see pics of your room you have been working so hard on.

Enchanted with Technology

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