Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Tech Tool Tuesday: PebbleGo

Okay, I know that it is actually Wednesday.  Yesterday I was helping to create a first quarter math assessment for my district, and my head was spinning by the end of the day.  Keeping up with Common Core is going to make this year interesting!

My Tech Tool for this week is PebbleGo.  This is not a free program, but it is a must-have for elementary schools.  When working on technology projects in my grad classes, I find that many programs are geared for upper grade students.  PebbleGo is ideal for young students who are just learning research skills.
PebbleGo currently has 3 databases of information: Animals, Biographies, and Eartth and Space.  Schools have the option to purchases access to just one or to all three.  My third graders used the biography information quite a bit last year.  My students had no problem with the reading level of the information, but there is an option to have the passages read aloud.  The pictures are bright and colorful, and there are even some video clips included.  The information is broken down into subsections, making it easier for young researchers.
Here is a sample page on Benjamin Franklin.  Do you teach timelines?  There is also an option to see a timeline of that person's life!

 When we do research projects with our technology facilitator and media specialist, we spend a good deal of time getting our students to cite their sources.  Guess what-PebbleGo has a citation button making it even easier for students to get this information!

PebbleGo is a great way to get students into reading non-fiction passages.  I love to put my rising kindergartner on this site to learn about animals.  Oh, and there are some games too!

If your school or district is evaluating different programs to enhance your science and social studies curriculum, you should definitely check this out.  I heart PebbleGo!


grella monsters said...

Found your blog throught the blog hop! I am a newbie learning my way around the bloggin world.hahaha I use pebble go in my district and the kids love it. We do lots of animal research and non-fiction lessons using it. I just started following you, stop on over to my blog and check it out.


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