Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tech Tool Tuesday: Photo Booth

Happy Tuesday!  I have officially been back to work for two days.  We have Open House on Thursday, and then the kids come back on Monday.  I'm not sure which I am more nervous about: starting a new school year or my daughter starting kindergarten!  I have concerns, but I will save those for another post.  Nothing is more humbling than being a parent. 

Today I am doing my Tech Tool Tuesday, which I will also link up to Technology Tool Tuesday on Blog Hoppin'.
Today I wanted to share a tip for Photo Booth.  If you have MacBooks or iPads, then you may be familiar with this program/app.  My students NEVER get tired of making pictures of themselves and their friends.  Whenever they get "free time" on their laptops, this is almost always what they will choose to do.

I was excited to learn a new trick to Photo Booth when I went to Discovery Communications this summer (home to Discovery Education).   Students can put themselves into an image or video with just a few simple steps!

First, have your students find a picture or video that they can use.  I downloaded a picture of fireworks behind Mount Rushmore from the many images that are available in Discovery Education.

Next, scroll through the effects until you find the user backdrops.

Drag the downloaded picture onto User Backdrop 1.
The next step is the tricky will tell you to step out of the frame so that it can detect the background.  Once the background shows up you can go in the picture.

Then click on the camera timer to take your picture.  You may have to do a few trial pictures to make sure that you can see enough of the background.  It also won't work if there is too much movement behind you.
Here is one that I took of my daughter and me.  Photo Booth pics are fun, but they are definitely not flattering!

This can be a lot of fun for students.  What are some ways that you would use this with your class?


Marietta Nixon said...

Wow! I am sure my kids would love doing something like that! We had a photo booth at our vow renewals last weekend. Everyone had the best time and I think we had the best theme, photo booth Las Vegas. I like your idea of having it in the class room to learn about different places, or just to have the students have a goofy picture of themselves and a classmate.

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