Monday, February 18, 2013

I Love This Sharpener!

It likes me, it really likes me!!!

I have been using this awesome pencil sharpener from Classroom Friendly Supplies for almost three weeks.  I am thrilled with it!  I was very hesitant about using it at first, and I literally sat and watched my students attempt to correctly sharpen pencils with it.  After reading a few other reviews and comments, I was worried that it would be a bit complicated.  I have a few students who still have a few issues using it, but for the most part it is a piece of cake to use.  And the pencil points...they are AMAZING!  It almost sharpens too well!  For years, I have been blaming sharpening problems on cheap know, the sharpened pencils where pieces of lead that are constantly breaking off and falling out.  Now I am really thinking that it has been the sharpeners. 

I have not mounted this sharpener to anything, but it still has been working great.  I love that the sharpener holds the pencils so that the student can hold on to the sharpener.  I love that it is quiet.  I love that it is quick.  But, most of all, I love that it works!!!

Click the link above and find out how you can get your own awesome pencil sharpener!


Tamera said...

Me, Too!

Susan Cahalane said...

Hi Julie - I have to get this, I keep reading about it!! I just found your blog, I love the name of it! I’m your newest follower!
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