Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Kahoot is a Hoot!!!

If you teach a tested grade (is there any grade that is not tested these days?), then you are probably like me and are just burnt out with testing review.  I am really trying not to make our review books the focus of our day, even though we spend a great deal of time working in them (that is, when I am not administering TRC's).  I am still trying to keep some routine and sense of "normalcy" in my classroom, but I decided not to do spelling this week (as a former spelling bee champ, I am a fan spelling).

Instead, this week we are going to focus on vocabulary for geometry.  Doesn't it MAKE YOU INSANE that students don't get geometry in third grade?  I feel like I can't get through to my students that what we are doing in geometry is so much more than, "Which shape is a square?"  "Which shape is a trapezoid?"  UGH!  I may be a phenomenal speller (I didn't even have to look up how to spell phenomenal), but geometry in high school almost killed me.  I blame a lot of that on my math teacher, who was the type that always had his back to the class as he wrote on the board.  This particular teacher almost ruined my love for math.  Geometry was hard for me, and I know that I am not the only one who experienced the stress of high school geometry.

So what is the key to teaching geometry so that students can be successful later on?  I have no idea.  In my case I blame it on good instruction (as a teacher I know that I shouldn't blame a teacher for a student's problem, but I also know that I did well in every other math course).  What I do know is that geometry involves an incredible amount of VOCABULARY.  I try hard to make my students use the appropriate vocabulary when describing shapes in geometry.  Am I perfect?  Ugh, no, but I try.  In fact, I try to be a stickler in using math words when we are doing math (None is not a number!).

To review our geometry vocabulary, I created a quiz on Kahoot!  This was on a list of review suggestions from our curriculum director.  I made a 10-question review and did it with my students today, and they LOVED it!  As soon as we finished, they asked about doing it again!  Here's what it involves:

First, you sign up for a FREE account and make a multiple choice quiz (there are other choices of things that you can create, but I only tried the quiz).  Go to  Creating a quiz literally took me minutes since I was not adding any pictures, links, or videos.  The quiz is saved in your account, but you can email a link to yourself or others.

Kahoot can be used with laptops, tablets, or smartphones.  Our third graders have laptops, so they opened Safari and went to

 I have the screen above displayed on my SmartBoard, and students enter the pin when they get to the sign-in screen.
As students log in and enter a name, it will appear on your screen. It also shows the number of students that are taking the quiz.

When you start the quiz, the question appears on your SmartBoard.  The answer choices are labeled with a color and symbol.  Students then click on the matching color/symbol on their device.  Students earn more Kahoot points if they answer quickly.

Once everyone has submitted answers, the program will show the correct answer and a graph of how many students chose each one. 

The students are given immediate feedback for their answer.  

The top 5 students are then displayed on your SmartBoard.

There are many other features on Kahoot that I have not explored yet, but I know that you can download your students' scores.  There is also a link to public Kahoots that other teachers have created.

My students and I are enjoying this new program.  Have fun Kahooting!


Kate said...

This is really cool. I'm planning final exam review right now for my 6th graders. They will love this as an alternative way to practice!! Thanks for sharing :)
- Kate

Growing Gracefully in Third Grade said...

This is a GREAT resource! My students have access to Chromebooks in my district, so we could use this to review a variety of topics! Thanks for sharing! :)


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