Sunday, June 28, 2015

Ahhh, Summer!!!

"Summer, summer, summertime,
Time to sit back and unwind..."

Hello, faithful readers!  I know that I have not posted in FOREVER, but I'm still around.   I recently finished up another crazy year of teaching third grade, and now I am finally getting back to some of my hobbies.  My daughter keeps me very busy, as she has already had several camps this summer.  This week we had an early birthday celebration for her.  I wanted to keep her party limited to just a few friends, so we decided on a sleepover to watch the premier of Disney's Teen Beach Movie 2.  I'll admit, I was pretty excited about this movie too!  The sleepover part?  That stressed me out a bit, but things went well.  We had fun coming up with ideas for a beach-themed party.  Here is what I was most proud of:

I love what you can learn from watching YouTube videos.  This was Bruce, our watermelon shark.  If you are looking for a way to get kids to eat fruit, put it in something fun like this.  No lie, the girls at our party ate more fruit salad than cake!

A favorite activity at the party was our photo booth setup.  The girls had a blast playing with the props and taking funny pictures.  I printed out a photo collage for each of them to take home as a party favor (along with other beach-themed goodies).

I've seen some teachers set up a photo booth station at their back-to school nights.  This would definitely be a hit for the kids, and it would be a great way to get a picture of the child with his or her family.  

So yes, I am thinking about school a little bit.  Just a little, I promise.  

Okay, like non-stop.  There are a lot of changes happening at our school, and I am anxious to see what happens.  I just have to trust and remember that everything happens as it is meant to be.  

I also have to find other things to take my mind off school.  Enter, summer hobbies!  I'll save all of that for another post.  Must.Write.More.Posts.  Maybe I'll even find a Linky to hook up with.  

Thanks for reading!