Friday, July 10, 2015

Five for Friday

Happy Friday!!!!  I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday.  I am all about lists this week!

Grilled pizza.  Yum.  I have been bugging my husband for years to try making pizza on our grill, ever since my favorite wood-fired pizza place closed.  He finally got up the courage after our brother-in-law shared some tips.  That, in addition to a few YouTube videos.

I wish that I had taken a picture.  It was a beautiful sight (after a couple of tries, anyway).  We also made our own crust and pizza sauces.  Oh, the things that I can do when I am off for the summer!

One of my new favorites this week is Wonderopolis!
I love learning trivia and little facts about the world, so this is right up my alley.  I have also started following them on Twitter and they followed me right back!  Many of their tweets are inspirational, not just about random facts.  I My friend's husband was able to add this widget to my school website so that my students can now check out the Wonder of the Day!

I have never been able to read books in the car without feeling sick, but for some reason I am not bothered when I read off of my iPad.  Yay!  So on our way to and from Buffalo this past week, I did lots of reading.  I read The Fault in Our Stars on our way back on Monday.  Loved it!  I read Paper Towns by the same author the week before.  Both were good, but I haven't stopped thinking about The Fault in Our Stars.  To me, that is the sign of a great book.  Now I have to see the movie-hope it doesn't disappoint!
My bike.  I am trying to s-l-o-w-l-y get back into exercising after having foot/ankle problems most of the school year.  Riding my bike doesn't seem to aggravate anything too much, so I am trying to do that a few times a week.  I just wish that it wasn't so HOT!!!
Tomorrow we are having a going-away party for my sister who is moving from NC to NJ for her husband's job.  Two of her three kids will still be in NC where they are in college, so hopefully we will still be able to see them once in awhile.  My daughter is very sad, so I am having to be positive for her.  It will be strange not having her here, especially at the holidays.  I guess we need to start planning a road trip!

Enjoy your week, everyone!  Thanks for stopping by!!!


Mrs. Ashline said...

I jusst read Fault in Our Stars yesterday! It was amazing and now I am trying to find the movie too. I just love John Green, you should read Looking for Alaska (they just announced it will be a movie soon) and An abundance of Katrines by him as well.

Mrs. Ashline's Rules

MentoringintheMiddle said...

I agree about John Green. His books are amazing! If you're a trivia person, you should also watch his vlogs with his brother Hank. I would show them to my students, especially some of the science ones, but their language is sometimes a little "colorful." But they explain very complex things in ways that make total sense. I'm also a huge Wonderopolis fan! It's a great online resource for students!

Teaching Autism said...

Mmm the pizza sounds lovely! Sounds some great books! I'm always on the look out for new ones to add to my kindle for holiday travelling etc! Hope the move for you sister goes well. Have a great weekend!

Teaching Autism

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