Thursday, July 9, 2015

Top Ten TV Shows Linky

Good morning!  I am linking up with Third Grade Nest for her first top ten list link party!  This month's topic is Favorite TV Shows.

The TV is on constantly at my house (when we are actually home!), but it is usually Disney Channel shows.  I actually had difficulty coming up with 10 shows that I watch on a (semi) regular basis!  And most of these are ones that I only are able to watch because of my DVR (Love.My.DVR.).  I am not a late night person by any means...I can't remember the last time that I watched Saturday Night Live on Saturday Night when it was Live.

A couple of these shows I just started watching recently:  The Blacklist, Aquarius, and Lie to Me.  All are pretty good show, but not ones for kids.  I wasn't sure about putting down Fox and Friends, but Fox News is the other channel that is always on.  Fox and Friends, the morning show, is actually one show on there that I can stand.

Head on over to Third Grade Nest to Join the Party, and don't forget to tell me if you watch any of these shows too!


MissGies said...

Lie to Me is one of my favorites! Glad you linked up, Julie! See you next month!


The Disneyfied Teacher said...

I LOVE Friends! My wife and I yell PIVOT to each other all the time!
The Disneyfied Teacher

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