Friday, January 8, 2016

Back Again...Five for Friday Fun!

So it's been awhile, but I'm back to participate in...

Thank you to Doodle Bugs Teaching for the motivation to get me blogging again.  I've always been a fan of participating in Linky parties, and this is one of my favorites.  Another motivation for writing a blog post is

 I'm going to my first blogger meet-up tomorrow!  I'm not very talkative in groups, and I definitely express myself better through writing, so this will be a stretch for me socially.  I work with the organizer (the amazing Amanda from Elementary Teacher Files), so thankfully I won't feel completely out of place!

Does your school do a morning newscast?  Our school has PNN, the Patriot News Network, to do our morning announcements.  Our media specialist and technology facilitator run a daily broadcast through YouTube for classes to view.  This week my daughter was one of the newscasters.  Coming to school each day was even more fun for both of us!

Star Wars, have you seen it?  AWESOME!!!!!  I've been trying to get my daughter into Star Wars, and this movie finally did it.  I loved it.  She loved it.  Rey is my new hero, and I didn't think that anyone could replace Princess Leia.

I don't think that I've posted since we got a kitten.  He is sweet, adorable, and has absolutely no sense of time.  None.  He is trying to get to the fish tank in the middle of the night.  He tries to wake me up for food at 4 a.m. (even if there is food in his dish).  We were amazed that we made it through Christmas without him destroying our tree, but he seems to be going crazy since we have all gone back to school.  

And finally, my favorite Christmas card...

What makes this card especially cool is that the student doesn't know that I love all things Hip.  It's hip to be a teacher.

Teach on, friends.


Amanda Hallman said...

Yay for blogging and the meet up! We need to offer something maybe every other month; maybe a theme topic to discuss? I think I'm going to join you on the Friday Linky party next week! Happy Weekend! :)))

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